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Ten Little Sandpipers: A Counting Book by Kim Ann

If you love the ocean, you’ll love this counting book about sandpipers at the seaside for your little ones! Author Kim Ann has written many illustrated children’s books, (I counted 13+ on her website) but this is her first counting book and her first one about the ocean and sandpipers. The lovely prose and rhymes, the absolutely beautiful illustrations, and the overall rhythm of this sing-song book will have your little one asking for it again and again!

Each page features baby sandpipers, growing in number with each turn of the page, until it reaches the full ten toward the end. It’s a “winding down for the night” book, as the sandpipers get tired and sleepy by the end of the day (and the end of the book!)

And…As an added feature at the very very end, there are the “look for me” pages and the fun facts about sandpipers. There’s also a song you can download for free at the end of the book, and on the author’s website (kimann.co) there is a free downloadable lesson plan that goes along with the book.

This book is a real gem in the indie/self-publishing world, and you don’t want to miss it! You can purchase it on Amazon HERE, available in Kindle, paperback, and hardback. And of course, don’t miss any of our other Cuddle Up Book reviews! Sign up HERE!

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