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Chewie the Goldendoodle: Best Friends by Monica Carson

Chewie is a Goldendoodle dog whose best friend is Scout, a squeaky toy turtle. I like this kind of book, in which the story is simple and uncomplicated – based on a day’s activities from start to finish. The lively and bright illustrations, along with the story, will capture children’s attention as Chewie and Scout go throughout their day – on a car ride, playing both indoors and out, eating, taking a nap – the same activities children have and that they will relate to.

This is the perfect book for little ones to cuddle up with mom or dad, as they wind down from a busy day just like Chewie and Scout. And everyone will grow to love Chewie the Goldendoodle and will want to make sure to read all three Chewie books by Monica Carson, who wrote them along with her husband, Paul, and based the stories on their real life goldendoodle! Of course, I am a sucker for books about doodles, being the proud owner of a labradoodle myself!

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