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Just Be Moo by The Saadi Brothers

Sally the Cow decides her life as a cow is a bore, so she sets out to be something new. As she walks around the farm to look around, she tries imitating the sounds of the other animals – a duck, a sheep, and a horse among others. Each time her efforts meet with disastrous results, and (spoiler alert) in the end, when she hears her mother’s “Moo,” she decides that being a cow is just fine.

This is a darling book about being yourself and loving yourself just the way you are. The book was written and illustrated by two brothers, The Saadi Brothers, and I hope this is not their last children’s book. The illustrations are bright and uncomplicated, and are just right for children. I might be a geek for this, but I also really like the font they used for the words! The book is adorable, and this is one kids will ask for over and over.

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