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How Wonderfully Odd!, by Rory Haltmaier

What a wonderful book! I love both the story and the illustrations, which were also accomplished by the author!

How Wonderfully Odd is a story of Obie Owl and Bitsy Bat, who are friends. When Obie Owl brings Bitsy Bat home for a sleepover, his dad tells him that bats are odd because they sleep upside down, and “Only daytime animals are that odd!”

Obie and Bitsy decide to find out for themselves, so they take a DAY adventure and meet a squirrel, a frog, and a badger. They find each animal “wonderfully odd” with their unique characteristics. 

The book can be taken at face value: “Animals have lots of ‘wonderfully odd’ characteristics,” or it could have a deeper application and meaning, which, from the title, seems to be what the author intended. So use this book when children are ready for it to teach them that PEOPLE are different from one another, and those differences don’t make us “odd,” but instead, make us “WONDERFULLY Odd!”

Praises all around for this book! 

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