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Jessie the Nessie Please Come Out!, by Nick Hamre

The Loch Ness Monster isn’t a likely subject of a children’s book, but author/illustrator Nick Hamre has nailed it with both wonderful illustrations and a lovely story to read to your little ones!

Jessie the Nessie Please Come Out! is the story of Jessie, the Loch Ness Monster, a shy underwater creature who lives in the loch. Jessie the Nessie isn’t a monster, but instead is a kind sea creature from the time of the dinosaurs who’s afraid to be mistreated by humans. Jessie doesn’t want to be seen by anyone, but when a child falls into the water, Jessie risks being seen in order to save the child. 

The story can be used to teach shy children that it’s okay to be shy, but sometimes it is worth it to risk exposure in order to be helpful.

The author also has a book on the Yeti, Betti the Yeti, Where are You? (also available in Spanish) and both are part of a series of “Unknownimals” that I certainly hope will continue!  What’s next? Big Foot?

Great book for little ones and I highly recommend!  

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