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A Mother’s Journey: A Story about How We Became a Family – by Kimi Hall

Kimi Hall is a primary school teacher who wanted a baby. She struggled with infertility, as many women have, and decided to take matters into her own hands and go the route of donor sperm insemination. When researching available children’s books on the subject to share with her future child, she couldn’t find what she was looking for – so she wrote one herself!

This story is well written, has bright and colorful illustrations, and tells the story in such a way that a child could understand it, though it would still have to have careful explanation – especially for kids who don’t yet know where babies come from naturally.

This probably isn’t a book just anyone would pick up and read to their child, but for those who are in this situation – or have family and friends who are, and want their child to understand what’s going on, this is an excellent choice.

I love that Kimi has written this story with such passion and beauty. One of my own dear friends is also expecting a baby conceived in this way, and this will be on my gift list for her when the baby is born.  Well done, Kimi! Definitely recommend!

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